Welcome to CEI
Embedded Design and Development

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    Microchip/HI-TECH Compilers - Save 10% on all HI-TECH compilers!

    Copeland Communications - World compliant modems, Ethernet, WiFi wireless and more!

    TAG-Connect Cables - Connectorless debug and programming for prototype to production.

    PCB Design - We have the complete Cadence/Orcad design suite and more than 20 years experience.

    Product Prototype and Production Assembly - Everything from prototypes to volume production can be done quickly and cost effectively.

           Mechanical Design - 2D and 3D CAD design.  Nothing is too complex for our engineers!

    CNC Design and Production -  Our design services optimize your product design to minimize tooling and unnecessary passes.  Going into high volume production is no problem.  Our design files can be taken to one of our recommended volume facilities or your own.

    Injection Molding - We design our own tooling to save you money.  We can design the product, the mold and then produce your product in volume in-house.


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