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Embedded Communications by CCI

Assembly Services

Have you ever noticed that most contract manufacturers don't even want to talk to you until you are ready to order thousands of units?  How do you get your prototype assembled?  What about the first 100 or so units for field testing?  Maybe your product market is fairly small.

We have the solution!

Prototype assembly - We can assemble your units by hand without any tooling, stencils or setup charges.  You can send a kit or give us the BOM.  We will assemble your prototype quickly and accurately.

Small Run Production - Depending on your volumes, we can either hand assemble your products cost effectively or move up to our semi-automated assembly equipment.  You will be amazed how cost effective our solutions are.  Since each product/application is different, contact us to see which solution will work best for you.

High Volume Production - Ready to take the plunge?  We have contacts with several high volume contract assemblers who can take your product to the next level.  Do we make anything on this deal?  Nope.  All we ask in return is you come back and pass the word.

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